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PeopleSoft SSO and MFA

Datawiza bolsters security for Oracle PeopleSoft with easy SSO (Single Sign-On) login and MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) integration using SAML or OpenID Connect (OIDC). It seamlessly integrates with any identity providers like Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD, Office 365, M365), Google, Okta, Ping Identity (PingOne), and others.

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The Challenges of PeopleSoft SSO Login and MFA

Acting as a reverse proxy, Datawiza effortlessly enables PeopleSoft SSO and MFA without patching anything to your existing systems.

Why Datawiza for PeopleSoft SSO Login and MFA

Quick Implementation

Datawiza can typically be deployed in minutes, without the need for OAM (Oracle Access Manager) or IDCS.

Multi-Tenant SSO Integration

Integrate with any identity providers including Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD), Okta, Ping, Cisco Duo, IDCS, Google Workspace and others via OpenID Connect (OIDC), OAuth, SAML, LDAP.

Patch-Free Solution

No patches or additional installations on your existing PeopleSoft. Simply run our container on a separate server for an easy and seamless integration.


How Datawiza Implements PeopleSoft SSO and MFA

The Datawiza platform consists of two major components:

The Datawiza Access Proxy (DAP) is a lightweight container-based proxy. DAP integrates with identity providers to enable SSO & MFA and granular authorization. DAP can be deployed as a gateway or a sidecar.

The Datawiza Cloud Management Console (DCMC) is a centralized console for configuring access policies. DCMC aggregates logs and provides visibility. 

Here’s a more detailed tutorial on adding Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) SSO and MFA to PeopleSoft. The process is similar for other identity providers, such as Okta and Ping.

5 Steps to Implement PeopleSoft SSO & MFA

Create an app integration in your identity platform
Configure PeopleSoft in DCMC
Run DAB as a reverse proxy to PeopleSoft
Test the configuration by logging into PeopleSoft via your SSO account
Inform your PeopleSoft users that SSO is available!