Enable SSO for your SaaS customers – in minutes

The challenges of writing code to support B2B SSO

Frustrated Customers – Reduced Sales

No-Code saves time and money. Don’t spend months coding B2B SSO for every identity platform – at the expense of new capabilities.

Not Future-Proofed

Customers can change identity providers at will. You can’t shift your development resources every time there’s a change.

Loss of Developer Focus

Taking months to implement SSO for enterprise customers frustrates their users and admins, slows adoption and sales.

Lack of Security Expertise

Few developers have the security expertise to integrate a SaaS platform with identity solutions, leading to increased risk.

Datawiza Access Management Platform

Datawiza, the industry’s first No-Code platform for implementing authentication and authorization for applications and APIs, lets you immediately enable customers of your multi-tenant SaaS application to log in using the SSO credentials provided by whatever identity solution they choose to use. Cloud-native Datawiza, an Access Management as a Service (AMaaS) platform, supports every identity solution, including Microsoft Azure AD, Okta/Auth0, Amazon, Google and more. By doing so, Datawiza enables SaaS vendors to centrally manage access for all customers across the multi-tenant infrastructure from a central location – all with the security protocols customers need, including policy-defined, URL-level access controls based on detailed user and device attributes, such as group, role, IP or browser. Offer SSO to your customers for free or as a premium service. The choice is yours. No coding required.

Access management platform

Datawiza Benefits for B2B SaaS Vendors

Quickly and easily support customer access via their identity platform of choice
Increase Sales

Make your product more attractive to your customers, provide a premium offering, and accelerate sales by enabling 'out of the box’ any SSO solution they choose.


Ensure you can easily and immediately support your customers’ SSO requirements no matter which identity platform they choose in the future.

Avoid development cost and disruption

Easily deploy Datawiza without the time, cost or disruption of shifting engineering resources to the task. Keep your developers productive while also supporting the SSO requirements of your customers.

Build in security from the ground up

Be sure your move to multi-tenant SSO is done right the first time, without introducing security vulnerabilities. Datawiza was designed and built by cloud and security experts.