Case Studies

A medical device company uses Datawiza to cost-effectively integrate hosted and legacy applications with Okta to establish Single-Sign-On (SSO) and Zero Trust.
Dark Rhino, a cybersecurity managed service provider (MSP), ensures compliance with security regulations and simplifies access provisioning across its homegrown application and open source tools with Datawiza.
Global Cybersecurity Company
A global cybersecurity company turns to Datawiza to improve its own internal security and eliminate the need for a separate and expensive VPN.



Low code authentication with Datawiza and Azure AD!
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Low code authentication with Datawiza and Azure AD!
Datawiza’s CEO Canming Jiang joins the The Microsoft 425Show to chat about low code, multi-cloud authentication with Azure AD. …
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Migrate apps to Azure AD with one click
Datawiza announces Datawiza One-Click for Microsoft Azure AD…
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Easily integrate SSO with identity solutions
The easiest SSO integration with Auth0, OKTA, Azure AD and many other IdPs…