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Datawiza Solution: Okta SSO and MFA for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)

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okta sso and mfa for oracle ebs

Oracle EBS (E-Business Suite) has dramatically fast-forwarded business operations with its array of applications. However, some hurdles such as the lack of native support for SSO (Single Sign On) protocols can be difficult to surmount. One such obstacle is the challenge of integrating Okta SSO and MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) – two critical security measures which fortify Oracle EBS security.

Oracle EBS’s SSO Protocol Challenge

Inherently, Oracle EBS does not support SSO protocols like SAML or OIDC. This calls for a distinct challenge when it comes to integrating critical access management solutions like Okta’s SSO and MFA. There’s a pressing need for a solution that harmonizes security and operational efficiency.

Datawiza for Okta SSO and MFA Integration for Oracle EBS

Datawiza presents an innovative, efficient solution that simplifies the Okta SSO and MFA integration for Oracle EBS . Through our container-based access proxy, we make the integration an effortless process, promising a safe and efficient business environment.

How Datawiza Works: Closing the Gap Between Okta and Oracle EBS

Datawiza Access Proxy acts as bridge between Oracle EBS and Okta. It supports SAML and OIDC protocols, enables Okta SSO, thereby securing access to Oracle EBS applications with a singular authentication. This, coupled with the robust Okta MFA, induces an additional layer of security safeguarding your business operations. See the following digram for more details.

Oracle EBS Ping Identity (PingOne) SSO and MFA

  1. The user requests access to a DAP-protected EBS resource.
  2. DAP redirects the user’s browser to the identity provider, e.g., Okta.
  3. Okta presents its login page to the user.
  4. The user submits their credentials to the identity provider, Okta.
  5. Upon successful authentication, Okta redirects the user’s browser to DAP.
  6. DAP communicates with Okta to exchange tokens.
  7. Identity Provider, Okta, issues the user’s EBS username and relative information to DAP.
  8. DAP creates an Oracle E-Business Suite cookie using the EBS username from Okta and redirects the user’s browser to Oracle E-Business Suite.
  9. Oracle E-Business Suite presents the requested protected resource to the user.

Secure Your Oracle EBS Login with Datawiza

Eager for more information? Feel free to get in touch with us or book a demo to gain firsthand insight into how we can help seamlessly add Okta SSO and MFA to your EBS.