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The Only No-Code Solution to Implement B2B SSO for Your SaaS Applications

B2B SSO with Just a Few Clicks

Multi-tenant B2B SSO

Empower your customers and partners accessing your applications utilizing the enterprise SSO of their choice. It supports a diversity of identity platforms, including Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD), Okta, Ping, Cisco Duo, and many others, providing seamless and secure authentication.

Quick implementation

Enable B2B SSO in mere minutes, bypassing the necessity of expending months' worth of engineering resources. This time-efficient solution eliminates the need for extensive development, letting you focus more on your strategic tasks.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Enable your users to effortlessly activate Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) through their favorite identity provider, thereby amplifying the level of security during the login process. This enhancement ensures a more secure and reliable user experience.

Built-in security from the ground up

Securely transition to multi-tenant SSO with Datawiza, designed by security experts. This ensures a top-tier security standard that surpasses typical in-house solutions.

How Datawiza Enables B2B SSO Authentication

  • Acting as a reverse proxy, Datawiza integrates with identity providers on behalf of your applications. Datawiza can manage the Access Proxy for you as a SaaS solution, or you can host it in your environment.
  • Supports SAML and OIDC. It works seamlessly with any preferred identity provider, including but not limited to Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD), Okta, Ping, and more.
  • Configuration based with minimal code change. No SDKs or APIs required. 

Follow our step by step tutorial to set up B2B SSO for you apps without writing code. 

Why Choose Datawiza for B2B SSO?

Quick time to market

Datawiza requires only a few hours of integration time as opposed to months of heavy integration with SDKs and APIs required by other solutions.

Lower expertise barrier

The configuration-based nature of Datawiza eliminates the need for developers to understand complex SSO protocols such as OIDC or SAML.

Flexible Deployment Options

You have the option of utilizing Datawiza as a SaaS solution, or you can deploy it into your own environments on premises or in the cloud.

Cost efficiency

By providing a no-code solution, Datawiza enables developers to focus on strategic tasks, thereby saving on resource costs.