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Access Broker

A distributed, cloud-native, and lightweight Identity Aware proxy that automatically connects to IdPs (e.g., Azure AD, Auth0 and Okta) and enforces a unified granular and context-aware URL-level access control for apps and APIs in hybrid environments, which is managed by a centralized cloud-based management console.

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A Deployment Example

Before Datawiza
After Datawiza

DAB: Datawiza Access Broker
DAB supports two deploy modes: sidecar and standalone.
For sidecar mode, DAB is deployed on the same server where the app/service sits.
For standalone mode,  DAB is deployed on a dedicated server other than the server where the app/service sits.

DCMC: Datawiza Cloud Management Console.

Why Access Broker?

Reduce costs.
Reduce your SSO integration efforts from months to hours. Free up developers to focus on their core competencies.

Enhance security.
Enforce granular, context-aware access control to reduce data breaches.

Simplify operation.
Changing networking topology, adding extra servers, editing DNS are not required.

The Benefits of Access Broker

No-Code Fast SSO Integration
Save your engineering time and effort. No source code change needed.

Advanced Access Control
Sophisticated granular and context-aware access control to meet complex

Supports Any Service
No matter the service is microservice, cloud-native or legacy app. No matter the service is running in public/hybrid/private cloud or on premise..

Container-Based Proxy
Lightweight, high performance, and easy to automate. More friendly to

Cloud-Based Management Console
Manage it from anywhere at any time. Updates automatically and no need to download the latest software manually.

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