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Corporate Fact Sheet

January 2018

Datawiza is the first company to offer cloud-delivered Access Management as a Service (AMaaS) to secure applications and APIs based on Zero Trust architecture. The Datawiza Platform provides consolidated and continuous risk and trust assessment across hybrid multicloud environments. Unlike other access management products (e.g., legacy web access managers) that are complex and siloed, Datawiza offers large enterprises and SMBs a comprehensive, centralized and easy-to-deploy solution that allows every company to simplify access management, save time and increase security.

Today’s Challenge

In the era of Big Data, hybrid multicloud environments and evolving privacy regulations, businesses can no longer separate achieving trust through authentication (ensuring people are who they say they are) from reducing risk through authorization (ensuring only the right people have access to sensitive information). They must verify both each time a user accesses data based on continuously updated information – without hindering user productivity or requiring constant attention from security professionals.

Datawiza AMaaS

The Datawiza Platform includes two elements. The Datawiza Access Broker is a lightweight, cloud-native proxy for migrating applications to modern identity management (IM) platforms such as Azure AD, Azure AD B2C, and Auth0. It enables no-code/low-code SSO/MFA, as well as policy-defined, URL-level access controls across hybrid multicloud environments – based on detailed user and device attributes, such as group, role, IP, or browser. The Datawiza Cloud Management Console offers centralized management and configuration of access policies, including logging, visibility and analytics.

The solution provides an easy way to migrate header-based applications – such as Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle PeopleSoft, Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle WebLogic – deployed with legacy IM systems – such as CA SiteMinder, SAP, RSA on-premises LDAP – to modern IM systems without rewriting applications. It also enables developers to easily replace custom local authentication systems, such as basic auth, with modern protocols, such as OIDC/OAuth and SAML.

Datawiza increases security, reduces engineering costs by 10X, provides faster time to value for bringing applications into a Zero Trust environment, and future proofs the access management environment.

Target Market

Datawiza targets B2B and B2C large enterprises and SMBs across a select group of vertical industries.

Technology Partners

Microsoft Intelligent Security Association Program
Microsoft One-Click for Microsoft Azure AD 
Available on Azure Marketplace

Available on Auth0 Marketplace


Canming Jiang, Cofounder & CEO, is a veteran of Shape Security, where he was a founding member of the Shape Security cloud team. Shape was acquired by F5 for $1 billion.

Cunhao (Alex) Gao, Cofounder & COO, is a veteran of Google and Amazon, where he applied the latest technologies, such as machine learning and big data, to build new solutions.

Rocky Gunderson, Strategy Advisor, has 30 years of experience leading and advising global companies.


Sudhir Kandla currently leads enterprise sales at Stripe, a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for internet businesses.

Alan Grebene
is an experienced general counsel and business leader who advises various growth-stage companies.

Start a 4-week free trial of the Datawiza AMaaS, configure it in a couple of hours.

Lightweight cloud-native Datawiza AMaaS connects applications and databases to identity providers, enabling Zero Trust across hybrid multi-cloud environments.