Datawiza Identity Brokering Service: Enable Multiple SSO Connections Simultaneously

1 minute read

Revolutionize your access control with Datawiza Identity Brokering Service! Don’t let the limitations of supporting only one single sign-on (SSO) connection, or the absence of SSO in your applications, hinder your user experience. With Datawiza, you can enable multiple Single Sign-On (SSO) connections with multiple identity providers such as Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, and Google Workspace, all at once.

Datawiza’s Identity Brokering service acts as a bridge, connecting your applications to multiple identity providers seamlessly via SAML or OIDC. It allows users to choose their preferred SSO methods. Say goodbye to the hassle and inconvenience of traditional access control methods – switch to Datawiza Identity Brokering Service today!

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