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Secure Homegrown Apps by Enabling SSO and Granular Access Control

The challenges of using expensive developer resources to secure homegrown apps

Loss of Developer Focus

Committing precious engineering resources to a major development effort at the expense of strategic projects.

Lack of Security Expertise

Few developers have the security expertise to manage an integration project, leading to potential security vulnerabilities. Hiring a security expert is very expensive.

Frustrated Users

A long integration project means users must continue logging in multiple times a day to get access to different tools.

Not Future-Proofed

A layer of technical debt. Developers need to keep maintaining and improving it.

Datawiza Access Management Platform

Datawiza, the industry’s first cloud-native Access Management as a Service (AMaaS), can help you integrate your homegrown applications with an IDaaS solution and accelerate your company’s journey to a Zero Trust architecture. Datawiza provides a no-code/low-code solution to integrate homegrown and other legacy applications and services, including customer-facing apps, to IDaaS platforms such as Azure AD, Okta, Auth0, Google and Amazon Cognito. By doing so, Datawiza enables businesses to centrally manage access to all applications, modern and legacy, from a central location – all with policy-defined, URL-level access controls based on detailed user and device attributes, such as group, role, IP or browser.

Access management platform

Datawiza Benefits

Integrate your homegrown applications quickly and easily

Eliminates the need for rewriting, custom coding or working with an SDK to integrate with modern identity platforms.

Avoid cost and disruption

Integrate your applications quickly and easily, without the time, cost or disruption of shifting engineering resources to the task. Increase the productivity of your teams while improving security at the same time.

Build in security from the ground up

Be sure the integration of your homegrown applications is done right the first time, without introducing security vulnerabilities. Designed and built by cloud and security experts, Datawiza offers automation that virtually eliminates the risk of errors.

Centrally manage all your applications

Easily add any other legacy applications to your IDaaS environment and centrally manage all of your applications for the ultimate in security and governance.