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Datawiza Appoints Dwaine Omyer as Strategic Advisor

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Former T-Mobile executive brings proven expertise in solving Identity and Access Management challenges at Fortune 500 organizations

Santa Clara, Calif. — Mar. 23, 2022 — Datawiza, the first company to offer a no-code platform for implementing authentication and authorization for applications and APIs, today announced it has expanded its board of advisors, adding cybersecurity expert Dwaine Omyer.  A former vice president of digital security at T-Mobile, Omyer is well versed in the increasing complexity that security teams at companies of all sizes face and the need for a universal access management platform that is identity solution and application agnostic. As a member of the Datawiza advisory board, he will help round out the company’s 360-degree view of the challenges facing customers and prospects as they implement zero trust security.


Achieving a secure environment is top of mind for both public and private sector organizations, with research firm Markets and Markets anticipating the global zero trust security market growing from $19.6 billion in 2020 to $51.6 billion by 2026.  The U.S. government has mandated a federal zero trust architecture (ZTA) strategy, while businesses of every size are working to implement modern identity and access management (IAM) solutions that support single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA).  According to the Identity Management Institute, the IAM market alone will grow from $13.41 billion in 2021 to $34.52 billion by 2028. 


“We are extremely excited to welcome Dwaine to our advisory board and benefit from his extraordinary knowledge and experience in the cybersecurity and industrial-grade cyber defenses,” said Dr. Canming Jiang, Co-Founder and CEO of Datawiza.  “Dwaine’s experience, including being nominated for a national award for implementing an IAM program, aligns perfectly with our strategic direction, and he will be instrumental in helping us communicate how our approach to access management as a service will help companies increase security and establish a solid governance foundation while simplifying processes and cutting costs.”


Omyer is a seasoned security executive with over 22 years of experience leading world-class cybersecurity teams for Fortune 100 companies. He supported the largest telecom merger in U.S. history by directing the integration of the T-Mobile and Sprint cyber teams, and he has received national recognition for his innovative leadership and approach to service delivery. He has long been a champion of a cloud-native security strategy that includes broader adoption of public cloud and hybrid cloud services, and was instrumental in T-Mobile’s digital transformation. He was nominated for a prestigious 2019 Information Security Executive® (ISE®) North America Award for his work on T-Mobile’s Identity and Access Management solution. 


“Developers need to be focused on developing capabilities that enhance their businesses’ competitiveness to run the business, not trying to solve security  issues,” said Datawiza Strategic Advisor Dwaine Omyer. “Datawiza automates access management security, making it far easier for developers to integrate zero trust for their applications and APIs into their organizations and products. I’m looking forward to helping Datawiza educate the market on the value of this new category of no-code Access Management as a Service.”


About Datawiza

The cloud-delivered Datawiza Platform offers Access Management as a Service (AMaaS) to secure applications and APIs based on the Zero Trust architecture, providing consolidated and continuous risk and trust assessment. Unlike other access management products (e.g., legacy web access managers) that are complex and siloed in hybrid environments, Datawiza offers large enterprises and SMBs a comprehensive, centralized and easy-to-deploy solution that allows every company to simplify access management, save time and increase security. Datawiza was founded in 2018 by security expert Dr. Canming Jiang, a veteran of Shape Security, now part of F5, and cloud expert Cunhao (Alex) Gao, a veteran of Google and Amazon. For more information, visit