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Enable Multi-Tenant SSO for Applications

Datawiza Identity Brokering Service integrates with various identity providers; Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD), Okta, Google, Cisco Duo, Ping, and others, empowering users to log in as per their preference. It’s an optimal solution for large enterprises managing multiple SSO tenants across subsidiaries, businesses undergoing mergers and acquisitions (M&A), or catering to B2B customers with separate SSO tenants.

Datawiza bridges the gap between your applications and multiple identity providers, enabling you to establish multiple SSO connections even if your application only supports one, or if it does not support any SSO protocols like SAML or OIDC at all.


Easy Integration

With just a few clicks, enable your apps to support multiple SSO connections.

Enhanced User Experience

Allow your users to log in using their preferred SSO methods

Save Costs

No need to allocate valuable engineering resources towards modifying or replacing your apps

How Datawiza Enables Multi-Tenant SSO

  • Datawiza Identity Brokering Service is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) that offers Single Sign-On (SSO) connections with multiple identity providers, such as Microsoft 365 (Azure AD), Okta, Google Workspace, Cisco Duo, and KeyCloak.
  • This service uses SAML or OIDC protocols to communicate with various identity providers and enables seamless user federation into your applications.