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Include Open Source Tools in SSO

The challenges of leaving open source tools outside your SSO environment

Poor User Experience

Despite your company’s investment in IDaaS, software engineers can’t reap the same benefits of streamlined access to their tools, and instead log into each application through a VPN.

Potential Security Gaps

Open source tools sitting outside the controlled IDaaS environment can’t be centrally managed for user access and authorization.

Decreased Productivity

Increased administrative requirements equals less time spent on critical strategic tasks.

Increased Costs

Commercial vendors behind open source solutions often charge expensive license fees for SSO features. If you use more than one solution, the total price tag can be prohibitively high.

Datawiza Access Management Platform

Datawiza, the industry’s first cloud-native Access Management as a Service (AMaaS), can help you integrate your homegrown applications with an IDaaS solution and accelerate your company’s journey to a Zero Trust architecture. Datawiza provides a no-code/low-code solution to integrate homegrown and other legacy applications and services, including customer-facing apps, to IDaaS platforms such as Azure AD, Okta, Auth0, Google and Amazon Cognito. By doing so, Datawiza enables businesses to centrally manage access to all applications, modern and legacy, from a central location – all with policy-defined, URL-level access controls based on detailed user and device attributes, such as group, role, IP or browser.

Access management platform

Datawiza Benefits

Deliver great user experience – Include every application in SSO

Include open source tools, such as Kibana, Grafana, Kubernetes Dashboard, Kafka Manager, Spark UI, etc., as well as any other existing tools, into the SSO environment.

Build in security from the ground up

Automate security configuration while migrating applications, reducing the potential for errors that lead to security gaps and increased risk. Datawiza was designed and built by cloud and security experts.

Integrate applications quickly and easily

Integrate applications in minutes. Datawiza eliminates the need for custom coding or using additional open source tools like oauth2-proxy – for each application.

Avoid disruption

Establish SSO for open source tools without any negative impact on your engineering team’s productivity.