March 17, 2021
Why Access Management as a Service (AMaaS), Why Now

Imagine a secure access management environment that authenticates and authorizes every employee, contractor, partner and customer each time they access data. Imagine a system that requires customers, partners, or employees to have only a single logon...

January 8, 2021
Protecting Jenkins using the Datawiza Access Broker (Single-Sign-On and Granular Access Control)

September 13, 2020
SSO and Zero-Trust made simple using the Datawiza Access Broker (DAB)

The benefits of a Zero Trust Architecture are numerous

August 12, 2020
NIST Released Zero Trust Architecture Guideline

Zero trust could be employed to improve enterprises’ overall cybersecurity posture

June 20, 2020
How to secure our applications by using the Datawiza Access Broker

A Zero Trust architecture helps to prevent successful data breaches by eliminating the concept of "trust" from an organization completely

June 3, 2020
Why Organizations Need Zero Trust Application Security

Traditional perimeter security is not good enough to protect organizations from advanced attacks