ZettaBlock Implements Social Login and Enterprise SSO for Web3 Data Platform with Datawiza

ZettaBlock rapidly gains new competitive, adding social login and enterprise SSO capability for multiple applications and multiple identity platforms in just a few days.

  • Social login support across multiple applications and identity platforms
  • SSO support for all enterprise identity management solutions
  • Only a few days required for implementation
  • New competitive advantage without any internal development
  • Cumbersome login processes drive customers away
  • Months of development needed to add social login and enterprise SSO for each app and platform
  • Needed stronger expertise in authentication, authorization and security
  • Added social login and enterprise SSO support within days to accelerate adoption
  • Added authorization customizability across all customers for added security and control
  • Eliminated huge burden on developers and need for security expertise

When Web3 startup ZettaBlock wanted to differentiate its data analytics solution by making account registration and login easier and faster, it faced months of development time to integrate its various applications with each of the identity platforms it wanted to support.

Instead, ZettaBlock discovered Datawiza, which enabled integration of all its applications for all modern identity platforms in just a few days. Including validation, testing and moving into production.

For Web3 developers, speed is everything, so having a registration process that can take several minutes could result in customers just walking away. If our customers want to use their existing credentials – such as their Google accounts – to instantly register and log in, we need to support that today.

- Scott Shi, ZettaBlock co-founder and CTO

The ZettaBlock Login Challenge 

Web3 technology is a new approach to taking advantage of internet and cloud technologies based on decentralization. ZettaBlock is building a no-code analytics development platform for web3 infrastructure that democratizes access to data and makes today’s most complex data use cases easy to
implement by lines of business.

The ZettaBlock data platform provides developers with an intuitive, queryable, and real-time APIs to generate core insights via on-chain and off-chain data – all without the complexity of writing code or maintaining infrastructure. With ZettaBlock, institutional investors are performing sub-second cross-chain analytics to power algorithmic trading strategies. Customers are also using ZettaBlock to track NFTs through their entire lifecycle, including utilization and royalty payments. This is an extremely complex analytical challenge that NFT owners struggle to solve.

“For Web3 developers, speed is everything, so having a registration process that can take several minutes could result in customers just walking away,” said Scott. “If our customers want to use their existing credentials – such as their Google accounts – to instantly register and log in, we need to support that today. When you turn on the tap, if you don’t get water immediately, you complain. Our solution is like an ‘always on utility,’ and we don’t want customers complaining about slow login.”

As Scott investigated how he would implement his new login strategy, he found he had limited options and would need a separate development project to integrate each application within his platform (dashboard app, data app, etc.) with each identity platform, including Twitter, Slack, OAuth, Web3 Wallet and more. Open source tools were available but they lacked support and would not save enough time. Some SDKs were also available, but these were expensive and would still not save enough time. Said Scott, “Time to market is critical for start-ups like ZettaBlock but we would need approximately two months of work to integrate each application with each identity platform, introducing an unacceptable delay in delivering this essential capability. And, because authentication is not our core competency, I knew we risked introducing security vulnerabilities if we inadvertently made even a small
mistake in the code.”

Fortunately, Scott found Datawiza.

The Datawiza Experience

Datawiza, a no-code platform for implementing authentication and authorization for applications and APIs, supports social login and enterprise SSO across a wide variety of platforms. It also lets SaaS providers immediately enable customers of their multi-tenant application to log in using the SSO credentials provided by their identity solution of choice, including Microsoft Azure AD, Okta/Auth0, Amazon, Google and more.

When Scott learned about Datawiza from a colleague, he immediately recognized that it had potential to completely solve his login challenge, no coding required. Setting up a test environment took only about an hour, and Scott quickly validated that the solution did exactly what it promised. Within just a couple of days, he moved the solution into production, enabling the exact simple login experience he was hoping for.

Just providing the social login and enterprise SSO capability we needed would have been enough to justify our use of the product, but Datawiza offers much more,” said Scott. “From the flexibility to customize session length for different accounts to supporting enterprise identity management platforms and role-based access controls, Datawiza is an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use, complete authentication and authorization solution that we added in just a few days. Datawiza was even very responsive in adding Kubernetes support to meet our specific needs.

And because Datawiza is maintained by security experts, we have much more
confidence in it than in a solution we coded ourselves ”

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