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Fortifying Jorgensen's Oracle JDE: Microsoft Entra ID MFA and SSO Integration with Datawiza

A seamless transition to robust security while improving user experience

  • Enhanced Security: Upgraded MFA and SSO security.
  • Seamless User Experience: Preserved workflow within Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Reassurance: Smooth, stress-free Datawiza implementation.
  • User Familiarity: Ensuring consistent user experience.
  • Aligning Security with Usability: Balancing security and usability.
  • Smooth Integration: Achieving disruption-free transition.

With Datawiza I’m pleased that Jorgensen now has peace of mind around multi factor authentication, and allowing our users’ the seamless experience utilizing the Microsoft authentication the culture was already accustomed to, working with Datawiza and their team was a great experience; they went out of their way to ensure an easy and successful implementation.”


Roy Jorgensen is a globally recognized entity, leading the charge in maintenance management. In the quest to augment their IT infrastructure’s security, they intended to harmonize robust multi-factor authentication (MFA) systems with their existing user environment, particularly focusing on seamless user access to their vital ERP system, Oracle JD Edwards.

The Challenge: Striking the Balance between Enhanced Security and User Experience

Roy Jorgensen sought to implement Microsoft Entra ID’s Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) for Oracle JD Edwards, a pivotal ERP system sustaining their business operations. The challenge was twofold: introduce stringent security measures while preserving an uninterrupted, familiar user experience rooted in Microsoft’s ecosystem.

Why Datawiza: Blend of Secure Authentication Solutions and Superb User Interface

Datawiza’s reputation for integrating secure MFA and SSO solutions seamlessly made it a fitting ally for Roy Jorgensen. Datawiza’s unique capability of amalgamating sophisticated security protocols with user-friendly interfaces, while paying careful heed to maintaining operational fluidity, distinguished them as an ideal candidate for the task.

The Unparalleled Solution: Integrating Security and Familiarity

Datawiza enabled Microsoft Entra ID’s MFA and SSO features for Roy Jorgensen’s Oracle JD Edwards system, all the while staying within the confinements of Microsoft’s ecosystem, a fundamental aspect underscoring their commitment to providing a seamless experience to the end-users.

Successful Implementation: Seamless, Holistic Experience

Guided by a comprehensive understanding of Roy Jorgensen’s unique needs and a commitment to delivering smooth transitions, Datawiza methodically incorporated the MFA and SSO solution into the Oracle JD Edwards system, ensuring the uninterrupted conduct of business operations, even during the transition phase.

Remarkable Results: Strengthened Security and Preserved User Experience

Through Datawiza’s intervention, Roy Jorgensen now possesses a fortified IT security framework for their Oracle JD Edwards system without compromising the user’s familiar experience within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Looking Forward: Hardened Security and Ease-of-Use go Hand-in-Hand

In a world where robust security and user-friendly interfaces often seem mutually exclusive, Datawiza, through its successful partnership with Roy Jorgensen, redefines this perception. In seamlessly integrating advanced MFA and SSO features, Datawiza has demonstrated its proficiency in meeting unique client needs while preserving the core user experience.