Bring Modern SSO and MFA Security to Your Legacy Applications

Empower your legacy applications with modern single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) security without rewriting them. Datawiza seamlessly integrates with the identity provider of your choice, including Azure AD (Microsoft 365), Okta, Google, AWS, and Cisco Duo, to modernize your applications.

cyber security in two-step verification, multi-factor authentication, information security and encryption, secure access to user's personal information, secure Internet access, and cybersecurity.

Legacy applications without native SAML or OIDC (OpenID Connect) support can be difficult to add SSO and MFA

Commonly used applications that typically don’t support integration with SSO or MFA include:

Datawiza implements modern SSO and MFA for your applications up to 80% cheaper and 10X faster. It integrates your legacy applications with your identity provider (e.g., Azure AD, Okta, Cisco Duo) without rewriting them.


Enhance Security

Protect apps with advanced security capabilities, including MFA and granular access control

Reduce Costs

Phase out expensive legacy identity and access management solutions and free up developer resource

Improve User Experience

Minimizes confusion and boosts productivity with a unified SSO login method to access all apps


How It Works

The Datawiza platform consists of two major components:

  1. Lightweight, container-based Datawiza Access Proxy (DAP) integrates with identity providers to enable SSO, MFA and granular authorization. DAP can be deployed as a gateway or a sidecar.
  2. Centralized Datawiza Cloud Management Console (DCMC) enables access policy configuration, aggregates logs, and provides visibility.