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Streamline Modern Authentication with Datawiza Access Proxy: A No-Code Enterprise Solution

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As digital transformation and cloud technology adoption surge within modern enterprises, managing access control and authentication becomes progressively challenging. Conventionally, organizations have depended on Software Development Kits (SDKs) to integrate authentication for each application with their Single Sign-On (SSO) platforms, such as Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and Okta. However, this approach can lead to potential security vulnerabilities, substantial engineering costs and hinder developer productivity. Datawiza Access Proxy presents a no-code solution that streamlines modern authentication, bolstering security, cost savings, rapid time-to-value, developer efficiency, and simplified updates and support for businesses.

Key Advantages of Datawiza Access Proxy

Enhanced Security

Developed by security specialists with extensive expertise, Datawiza Access Proxy offers a secure and dependable authentication process. By using Datawiza’s robust security protocols, businesses can safeguard their applications against unauthorized access and data breaches, avoiding potential vulnerabilities caused by inexperienced developers.

Cost Saving

Traditional authentication implementation using SDKs demands building the same functionality for each application, taking 2-3 months per app and incurring significant engineering costs. Datawiza Access Proxy is a plug-and-play solution that can be configured within minutes, eliminating custom development and minimizing the expense of maintaining multiple authentication systems.

Rapid Time-to-Value

Featuring an intuitive interface and seamless integrations with popular identity providers like Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, and Google Workspace, Datawiza Access Proxy delivers value swiftly. By enabling quick deployment, the solution accelerates authentication processes and reduces time-to-market for applications.

Increased Developer Productivity

Datawiza Access Proxy abstracts authentication from applications, streamlining the development process. By removing the need to implement authentication with SDKs, developers can concentrate on creating application features, ultimately boosting their productivity. Datawiza Access Proxy enables easy integration of modern authentication mechanisms such as OAuth, OpenID Connect, and SAML without any code alterations. Additionally, the solution integrates seamlessly with popular SSO platforms like Azure AD and Okta, allowing organizations to utilize their existing identity and access management infrastructure for a consistent, secure authentication experience across applications.

Simplified Updates and Support

In-house authentication functionality demands regular updates and patches, which can be time-consuming and challenging to manage. Datawiza Access Proxy allows organizations to outsource these tasks to a team of experts who offer ongoing updates and support, enabling them to focus on other critical tasks while ensuring that their authentication processes remain current and secure.

How Datawiza Access Proxy Works

Datawiza Access Proxy is a no-code solution that streamlines modern authentication by abstracting authentication from applications. It functions as a reverse proxy, intercepting requests from users and applications and authenticating users against the configured identity provider, such as Azure AD or Okta. As a result, developers can avoid writing code for authentication and focus on building application features. Furthermore, Datawiza Access Proxy integrates with identity providers and supports modern authentication mechanisms like OAuth, OpenID Connect, and SAML, delivering a seamless authentication experience across applications. With its easy-to-configure, plug-and-play design, Datawiza Access Proxy can be deployed within minutes without requiring custom development.


For enterprises seeking to simplify modern authentication while enhancing security, cost savings, rapid time to value, developer productivity, and support, Datawiza Access Proxy is an ideal solution. By offering a no-code solution that integrates seamlessly with popular SSO platforms and identity providers, Datawiza Access Proxy streamlines the authentication process, empowering organizations to focus on their core business functions. By leveraging the benefits of Datawiza Access Proxy, businesses can optimize their authentication management, resulting in improved security, efficiency, and overall success.