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Streamline Identity Provider (IdP) Migration With Datawiza

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Streamline IdP Migration With Datawiza

With a wide variety of established identity providers gracing the market such as Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD), Ping Identity (PingOne, now merged with ForgeRock), Okta, Cisco Duo, Google Workspace, Amazon Cognito, CA SiteMinder, NetIQ, RSA, IBM, Oracle, ADFS and others, there is ample room to choose the best fitting option. However, in the navigation of this complex landscape, enterprises often find themselves needing to switch between these identity providers, be it a switch from Okta to Microsoft Entra ID or vice versa.

Migrating modern applications from one Identity provider to another is typically a straightforward process, as these applications generally support protocols such as SAML 2.0 or OIDC. The real difficulty arises when dealing with legacy or on-premises applications that lack this native support, e.g., header-based authentication, Kerberos or custom-built authentication. But worry not, as Datawiza presents streamlined, seamless and efficient solutions that simplifies the migration process.

Container-based Proxy to Extend OIDC or SAML Protocol to Legacy Applications

Datawiza’s container-based proxy serves as a bridge between your legacy applications and modern authentication protocols, extending OIDC or SAML support to applications that previously lacked it. By integrating this proxy, legacy applications gain the ability to authenticate users through these protocols, remarkably simplifying the migration process. Regardless of where your application resides, be it in an on-premises environment or in a private or public cloud, the proxy enables smooth transition, saving you valuable time and resources.

Multiple Identity Provider Support Avoids Downtime and Prevents Vendor Lock-in

One of the biggest advantages of Datawiza’s solution is its compatibility with multiple identity providers. This multi-IdP support not only allows your business to avoid vendor lock-in, but also minimizes potential downtime during the migration process. By offering a breadth of supported IdPs and seamless switching capacity, your business can ensure continuity of services while transitioning to a different provider. Ultimately, you gain the flexibility to select the IdP that best fits your business requirements at any point in time, without worrying about potential roadblocks. See the screenshot below for your reference.

datawiza supports multiple identity providers

Cloud Management Console Makes Multi-Cloud Environments Deployments Much Easier

In an era where multi-cloud environments are becoming the norm, managing deployments across these platforms can be a daunting task. Datawiza’s cloud management console comes to the rescue by enabling easy orchestration of deployments across various cloud environments. Whether you’re operating in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or on-premises, the console provides a unified dashboard that simplifies the management of application deployments. By leveraging Datawiza, you can streamline your multi-cloud deployments, enhancing efficiency and reducing the operational burden.

In essence, with Datawiza’’s broad suite of capabilities, you can say goodbye to the challenges tied to Identity Provider migration. Take the leap today and experience a smoother, less complicated and more flexible migration journey.

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