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Solution Overview: Migrating Header-Based Apps from Broadcom SiteMinder to Ping Identity

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migrate from siteminder to ping

Transitioning legacy or on-premises applications that utilize header-based authentication from Broadcom SiteMinder to Ping Identity (PingOne) can pose a challenge, given their lack of support for modern SSO protocols like OIDC or SAML. Datawiza Access Proxy effectively bridges this gap by extending OIDC or SAML functionality to these header-based applications, facilitating a seamless migration from Broadcom SiteMinder to Ping Identity (PingOne).

How Datawiza Migrates Header-Based Apps from SiteMinder To Ping

Datawiza, integrating with Ping Identity via OpenID Connect (OIDC) or SAML, provides a robust alternative to Broadcom’s SiteMinder. Delivering comprehensive capabilities like Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and granular access control, this solution supports legacy web app authentication mechanisms, such as Kerberos, IWA, Header-Based authentication, and realms (URL authorizations).

The Datawiza Access Proxy replaces SiteMinder without necessitating application rewrites. Plus, our deployment model eliminates additional middleware or database servers. Excelling in flexibility, Datawiza supports not only virtual machines, but also modern platforms like Docker Containers and Kubernetes.

The following diagram gives a detailed overview.

migrate apps from ca siteminder to ping

  1. The user starts the web application access process.
  2. Datawiza Access Proxy steps in, directing unauthenticated users towards Ping Identity for federated authentication – an action akin to procedures handled by SiteMinder Gateway, App Server, or Web Agents.
  3. Ping Identity uses cloud-based identity functions to verify the user, utilizing Single Sign-On, MFA, and Federation.
  4. Users are then guided back to Datawiza Access Proxy, which sets up the session, authorizes URL access, and transfers user information to the enterprise app via methods such as Header-Based Authentication or IWA/Kerberos.
  5. The enterprise application processes the relayed user information and responds appropriately.

Why Choose Datawiza for SiteMinder Migration?

  • Rapid and Easy Migration: We stand ready to migrate hundreds of apps from SiteMinder to Ping Identity swiftly and efficiently – accomplishing the task within just days, to ensure a hassle-free experience.
  • Modern and Cloud-Native Design: The solution goes beyond mere VM (Virtual Machine) support, integrating effortlessly with Containers and Kubernetes. It also eliminates the need for extra middleware or database servers, ensuring a streamlined, modern infrastructure.
  • Avoiding identity-vendor-lock-in: Future-proof your operations with our broad support for modern identities. Alongside Ping Identity, we accommodate popular platforms including Okta, Microsoft Entra ID, Cisco Duo, and others, providing a comprehensive solution against vendor lock-in.

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