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Solution Overview: Migrating from Ping Identity to Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD)

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Migrate from Ping Identity to Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD)

Transitioning modern cloud applications from Ping Identity to Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) can be a breeze, assuming they are compatible with SAML 2.0 or OpenID Connect (OIDC). However, navigating the landscape of legacy or on-prem applications using methods such as header-based authentication, Kerberos authentication, or bespoke authentication systems can pose substantial hurdles. These applications interact with Ping Federate or PingOne via PingAccess gateways or agents and lack inherent support for SAML 2.0 or OIDC. A direct shift to Microsoft Entra ID may thus seem daunting. Nevertheless, Datawiza delivers an efficient and seamless solution, streamlining this transformation journey.

Microsoft-Certified Solution for Migrating from Ping Identity to Entra ID

Datawiza streamlines the transition of legacy or on-premise applications from Ping Identity to Microsoft Entra ID, obviating the requirement for application rewriting. These applications predominantly support legacy authentication models, including header-based authentication, cookie-based authentication, or Kerberos.

Dive into the extensive array of features and benefits our solution brings to you, available for discovery on the Azure Marketplace.

Discover Datawiza Platform on Azure Marketplace

Furthermore, take advantage of our collaborative guide created in partnership with Microsoft — a tutorial providing you a step-by-step process.

Tutorial: Configure Datawiza to Integrate Header-based Apps with Microsoft Entra ID

Explore the Following Demo for a Practical Walkthrough

How Datawiza Facilitates App Migration from Ping Identity to Microsoft Entra ID

In alliance with Microsoft Entra ID, Datawiza replaces Ping Identity with a comprehensive solution, embracing Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), and granular access control for web applications. Our unique offering, the Datawiza Access Proxy, smoothly integrates with various widely-used legacy web application methods such as Kerberos, Integrated Windows Authentication, Header-Based authentication, and URL-level authorization. This negates the necessity for PingAccess gateways or agents, and complex code alterations. Additionally, Datawiza’s deployment model is highly efficient, requiring no additional middleware or database servers, and not only caters to virtual machines, but also progressive platforms like Docker Containers and Kubernetes.

The process is visually detailed in the following diagram:

migrate from ping identity to entra id (Azure ad)

  1. User initiates web application access.
  2. The Datawiza Access Proxy intercepts, redirecting unauthenticated users to Microsoft Entra ID for federated authentication, similar to actions by PingAccess Gateway or Agent.
  3. Microsoft Entra ID employs cloud identity functions to authenticate the user – Passwordless, Single Sign-On, and MFA.
  4. Users are rerouted back to Datawiza Access Proxy to set up the session, authorize URL access, and forward user information to the enterprise app via authentication mechanisms like Header-Based Authentication or IWA/Kerberos.
  5. The enterprise app processes the user information and responds accordingly.

Why Datawiza for App Transition from Ping Identity to Microsoft Entra ID?

  • Speedy and Simplified Migration: We stand poised to transition hundreds of apps from Ping Identity to Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) quickly and seamlessly – completing the task in a matter of just a few days for a smooth experience.
  • Modern and Cloud-Native Architecture: Our solution isn’t confined to mere VM support, but extends to effortless integration with Containers and Kubernetes. It also obviates the need for extra middleware or database servers, promising a sleek, state-of-the-art framework.
  • Avoiding Identity Vendor Lock-In: Future-proof your workflows with our wide-ranging support for modern identities. Alongside Microsoft Entra ID, we extend support to widespread platforms like Cisco Duo, Okta, etc., offering a robust solution against vendor lock-in.

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