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PingAccess vs Datawiza Access Proxy: A Comprehensive Comparison

3 minutes read

In an era where securing applications and data is critical, enterprise-grade access management tools like Datawiza Access Proxy and PingAccess have become instrumental. Both platforms offer excellent features, but they have unique advantages that set them apart. In this blog, we dive deep into the differences between these solutions, outlining how Datawiza Access Proxy offers distinct advantages.

Identity-Agnostic Solution: Freedom from Vendor Lock-In

While both platforms provide secure access management, there’s an essential distinction to be noted. Datawiza Access Proxy’s architecture is built to be identity agnostic, supporting any identity provider including Microsoft, Okta, Ping, Duo, and several others. This means a user’s current identity provider ecosystem does not limit them.

PingAccess, on the other hand, is very well optimized with the Ping Identity platform. Though it does support other identity providers, its primary ability and likely functionality lean towards Ping Identity’s own ecosystem.

Choosing Datawiza allows businesses to avoid vendor lock-in, making the transition to different identity providers significantly smoother. It’s a more flexible solution that adapts to the company’s needs, rather than the company having to adapt to its access management solution.

Implementing Multiple Identity Providers Concurrently

In some cases, businesses may need to utilize multiple identity providers simultaneously. This can happen when a company works globally with diverse teams and tools, or in the case of mergers and acquisitions (M&As) where the individual entities might employ different identity providers.

Datawiza Access Proxy recognizes this and support multiple identity providers concurrently. Thus, users can log into a single application using credentials from several providers like Microsoft, Okta, or Ping simultaneously.

While PingAccess does offer robust support for users, its capability for supporting multiple identity providers concurrently falls short compared to Datawiza.

Superior Performance with Fewer Resources

The final advantage lies in performance. Datawiza Access Proxy, due to its modern design and architecture, is significantly more performant than PingAccess. Datawiza reaches the same performance milestones with only half the hardware resources compared to PingAccess. PingAccess’s requirements can be higher due to its Java-based nature.

This means cost-effective scalability for Datawiza users. Lower hardware requirements reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), making Datawiza Access Proxy an economical solution while delivering higher speed and performance.


In summary, while PingAccess offers a robust access management platform, organizations looking for a high-performing, cost-effective solution that allows for effective utilization of multiple identity providers, and provides flexibility to avoid vendor lock-in, must consider Datawiza Access Proxy. Our platform has been designed with these specific needs in mind, delivering cutting-edge performance without compromising on flexibility or scalability.

For more information on how Datawiza can transform your access management, contact us today! Or schedule a technical demo.