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Migrate Legacy Applications to Modern Identity Platforms in Minutes with Datawiza

3 minutes read

Identity access management (IAM) is more important than ever, and you’ve made the smart decision to work toward a Zero Trust environment by implementing a cloud-based identity management platform – maybe Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, Amazon Cognito, or Google Workspace. And you’re implementing SSO, MFA and passwordless strategies.

IDaaS solutions are perfect for your modern cloud applications with APIs or built-in security protocols. But what about your legacy applications from Oracle, SAP and a host of other vendors? These applications weren’t designed for a Zero Trust world, but you’re still getting value from them.

Doing nothing is a recipe for increased security risks, administration headaches and end-user frustration. So what are your options?

Are you considering building your own OAuth SSO proxy or identity-aware proxy? Unfortunately, this approach can take days or weeks, taking engineering resources away from other strategically important development work. And each additional application requires the same effort, so if you have hundreds or thousands of applications to migrate, the time and cost can become impossible to justify – even though the need is critical. According to our customers, a company with 200 employees can spend up to 500 hours integrating each application. The most common result is either inaction, leaving organizations vulnerable, or shifting resources to the migration project, slowing development timelines and ensuring missed deadlines.

When migrating a legacy application to a modern cloud-based identity management platform, developers must ensure they don’t inadvertently introduce new security vulnerabilities. But understanding the security nuances of the migration in a rapidly shifting technology environment requires a true security expert, which you may not have in-house. If you don’t have the security expertise on staff, you will need to hire someone or rely on an expensive consultant.

In addition to creating security risks, failing to migrate legacy applications to a modern Zero Trust environment is bad business. Administrators are forced to continue managing security and governance policies and user access in multiple places, which makes it harder for them to provide access to the tools users need when they need them. Users are also frustrated at having to log into multiple applications and finding that when their job status changes, they may have to wait days or even weeks to get access to their tools. Productivity plummets and shadow IT soars.

Enter the Datawiza Access Management Platform

Datawiza makes it easy to migrate legacy applications to an IDaaS solution. The Datawiza Access Management Platform, the industry’s first cloud-native Access Management as a Service (AMaaS), helps companies improve security and implement a Zero Trust architecture by providing a no-code/low-code solution to connect any application and any service to any modern IDaaS solution.

The combination of Datawiza and an IDaaS solution enables SSO and MFA for every application in your environment – legacy applications, as well as homegrown applications and open source tools – and provides policy-defined, URL-level access controls based on detailed user and device attributes, such as group, role, IP, or browser. With Datawiza, one license lets you migrate all the legacy applications in your environment, and migrating each application takes minutes instead of days or weeks, so users and administrators quickly benefit from SSO and centralized access management – without the need for custom coding. And because Datawiza was built by cloud and security experts, it automates security configuration during the migration process to reduce the potential for errors that could lead to security gaps and other risks.