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Datawiza Solution: Integrating Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) SSO & MFA into JD Edwards (JDE)

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Datawiza seamlessly integrates Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) into Oracle JD Edwards (JDE). Building upon our trusted partnership with Microsoft, this integration not only elevates security but ensures an optimal user experience across the board.

JD Edwards Security Enhancement: Why It Matters

As businesses march deeper into the digital realm, there’s an escalating need for secure, yet user-friendly access to pivotal applications. JD Edwards, a cornerstone in enterprise resource planning, becomes even more potent when fused with the state-of-the-art security provisions of Microsoft Entra ID. Our solution is the bridge to this powerhouse integration.

Key Benefits of Integrating JD Edwards (JDE) with Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD)

  • Unified Access Experience: Eliminate the hassle of multiple logins. Datawiza offers a unified login experience, bolstering user satisfaction.
  • Boosted Security: Implementing MFA is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Secure your JD Edwards system from unauthorized access.
  • Reduced IT Overheads: Cut down those recurring login-related helpdesk tickets, driving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

Microsoft and Datawiza: A Partnership Crafting Excellence

Our bond with Microsoft isn’t merely transactional; it’s a journey towards shared technological brilliance. Sue Bohn, Vice President of the Identity and Network at Microsoft, encapsulates this synergy with her thoughts:

“Datawiza is a partner in our Secure Hybrid Access program. Their fast, secure solution helps our customers take advantage of the multifactor authentication capabilities built into Azure AD (now part of Microsoft Entra) to protect their portfolio of critical Oracle business solution.”

Elevate Your JDE Experience Today

Interested in pushing your JDE system to its pinnacle? Dive into the features our solution offers on Azure Marketplace.

Explore Datawiza’s JD Edwards Solution on Azure Marketplace

Or checkout our step by step tutorial here:

In Conclusion: The Future of Enterprise Software Security

In the dynamic interplay of technological advancements and cybersecurity, Datawiza stands firm, offering businesses a reliable compass. With our solution on Azure Marketplace and our unwavering commitment with Microsoft, we’re guiding businesses into a new epoch of security and operational agility.