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Extend Microsoft Entra MFA to Your Internal Apps in Minutes

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Today, the technology landscape is a battleground, and security is the most powerful weapon. With heightened compliance, audit necessities, and the pressing demand for fortified security, multi-factor authentication (MFA) has emerged as a crucial defense. However, traditional legacy authentication schemes lack fluency in modern single sign-on (SSO) protocols such as SAML or OIDC, creating a challenge when integrating Microsoft Entra MFA. The solution lies in the prowess of the Datawiza Access Proxy, capable of swiftly coordinating Microsoft Entra MFA (Microsoft MFA, Azure MFA) with your internal apps.

Grappling with the Legacy Authentication Conundrum

Legacy authentication protocols are like an old-acquaintance; reliable, but unable to keep pace with modern advancements. This poses a challenge when introducing cutting-edge MFA systems and catering to modern corporate applications’ high-security requirements. But worry not, for Datawiza Access Proxy is designed to obliterate these hurdles.

Decoding Modern Security with Datawiza Access Proxy

Datawiza Access Proxy steps in as a proficient mediator between your internal apps and Microsoft Entra. Acting as an interlocutor, it deciphers and declares the language of modern SSO protocols smoothly, bringing onboard Microsoft Entra MFA for your apps in a jiffy. For businesses still relying on legacy authentication protocols, Datawiza Access Proxy is a fast track to compliance and enhanced security. It’s not just a solution – it’s the future.

Leapfrog to Security Excellence with Datawiza Access Proxy

When you incorporate Datawiza Access Proxy for your internal apps, expect more than just the extension of Microsoft Entra MFA. You’ll be unleashing a slew of benefits:

  1. Rapid MFA Integration: Hook up your internal apps with Microsoft Entra MFA in record time, thanks to Datawiza Access Proxy.
  2. Effortless Integration: Achieve compliance and security goals effortlessly as Datawiza Access Proxy bridges the gap between your internal apps and Microsoft Entra.
  3. Fortified Security: Turbocharge your applications’ defenses by leveraging the advanced protection offered by Microsoft Entra like MFA, Single Sign On (SSO) and Conditional Access, Passwordless and others.
  4. Simplified Operations: Bid goodbye to the complexity of working with various SSO and MFA protocols. Datawiza Access Proxy makes it easy as pie.

Datawiza Access Proxy is akin to having a switch that empowers your journey to digital security and compliance. It’s more than just extending Microsoft Entra MFA for your internal apps; it’s about settling only for the best.

How Datawiza Enables Microsoft MFA for Internal Apps

Navigating smoothly between legacy and modern SSO protocols, the Datawiza Access Proxy (DAP) enhances your internal apps’ security. Here’s a distilled view of the process:

  1. Access Request: Users attempt to access your app via the Datawiza Access Proxy (DAP).
  2. Multi-Factor Authentication: DAP redirects them to Microsoft Entra ID for login, facilitating the MFA process.
  3. Final Redirection: After successful verification with Microsoft Entra, DAP performs extra conditional access checks. Once all checks are passed, DAP proxies the traffic to the internal apps for user access.

Simply put, Datawiza Access Proxy enables your legacy systems to fluently speak modern security protocols, providing robust protection for your enterprise. See the diagram below for your references.


Datawiza Access Proxy in Action

See the magic as it unfolds with a demo video, showcasing the real-time operation of the Datawiza Access Proxy as it fosters seamless collaboration between your internal web applications and Microsoft Entra MFA.

This walk-through manifests how effortlessly efficient Datawiza Access Proxy can be, transforming your internal applications into modern, secure systems adhering to advanced compliance and validation metrics. Get ready to explore a world of security, forged by Datawiza.

Connect With Datawiza

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