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Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or Two-factor Authentication (2FA) for ERP Systems

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mfa for erp systems

The digital landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and with it, the complexity and frequency of cyber-attacks have increased. At the heart of business operations lie critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, such as JD Edwards, Oracle EBS, and PeopleSoft. Known as legacy ERP systems, these platforms run crucial operations and are thus tempting targets for cybercriminals.

Strengthening these legacy or on-prem ERP systems with multi-factor authentication (MFA) or two-factor authentication (2FA) forms a robust line of defense, significantly reducing the likelihood of unauthorized access. However, seamlessly integrating MFA or 2FA, especially into legacy ERP systems or on-premises ERP systems, can sometimes be intricate since they don’t support MFA natively. That’s where the innovative Datawiza Access Proxy (DAP) steps in to make secure authentication hassle-free.

The Imperative of MFA (2FA) in ERP Systems

Solving the cybersecurity puzzle for legacy ERP systems such as JD Edwards (JDE), Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), or PeopleSoft requires more than just traditional usernames and passwords. Implementing MFA or 2FA  adds another layer to your cyber fortification, dramatically enhancing security levels and preventing data breaches.

Protect Your Critical ERP with Datawiza Access Proxy

The DAP, based on the Zero Trust Security, ensures each access request—be it for web applications, APIs, or databases—is authenticated and authorized accurately before granting access privileges.

Datawiza’s capabilities set a remarkably high standard in the security arena, offering protection for both cloud and on-prem ERP systems, including the tougher sector of legacy ERP systems like JD Edwards, Oracle EBS, or PeopleSoft.

Integrating MFA (2FA) with Legacy and On-Prem ERP with Datawiza Access Proxy

Datawiza Access Proxy makes adding MFA or 2FA to your legacy and on-prem ERP systems remarkably straightforward:

  1. Seamless Integration: With DAP’s ability to support any identity provider (IdP) compatible with SAML or OpenID Connect, like Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD), Okta, Ping Identity (PingOne), Cisco Duo, CyberArk, integrating MFA becomes smoother.
  2. Versatility: DAP caters to any platform—whether it’s a cloud-based, on-premises, or legacy ERP system like JD Edwards, Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft—providing consistent, robust protection.
  3. User-friendly Platform: DAP’s platform is designed to be easy to navigate, minimizing the need for significant changes in IT infrastructure or laborious user training.
  4. Support: Datawiza offers excellent support structures to help businesses overcome potential hurdles in applying MFA or 2FA, ensuring a smooth, hiccup-free deployment.

In Conclusion

Embracing MFA or 2FA is a necessary step in securing legacy and on-prem ERP systems, effectively invulnerability your business against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. With the Datawiza Access Proxy, you can simplify the journey to secure, robust authentication for your critical ERP systems. 

Experience the advanced protection that Datawiza provides. Contact us or visit our solution to learn more.