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Datawiza Solution: Ping Identity (PingOne) SSO and MFA for E-Business Suite (EBS)

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ping (pingone) sso and mfa for oracle ebs

Prepare to bolster your Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) security measures while simultaneously increasing user access efficiency. Incorporate Ping Identity’s (PingOne) Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) with the help of Datawiza Access Proxy—your straightforward solution for ramping up EBS security and accessibility.

How Datawiza Access Proxy Adds Ping SSO and MFA to Oracle EBS

Datawiza Access Proxy (DAP), a container-based reverse proxy, is deployed in front of your Oracle EBS infrastructure. It interfaces with PingFederate or PingOne for robust user authentication via SSO and MFA, prior to enabling access to the EBS.


Oracle EBS Ping Identity (PingOne) SSO and MFA

  1. The user requests access to a DAP-protected EBS resource.
  2. DAP redirects the user’s browser to the identity provider (e.g., PingFederate or PingOne).
  3. PingFederate or PingOne presents its login page to the user.
  4. The user submits their credentials to the identity provider.
  5. Upon successful authentication, PingFederate or PingOne redirects the user’s browser to DAP.
  6. DAP communicates with PingFederate or PingOne to exchange tokens.
  7. Identity Provider issues the user’s EBS username and relative information to DAP.
  8. DAP creates an Oracle E-Business Suite cookie using the EBS username from PingFederate or PingOne and redirects the user’s browser to Oracle E-Business Suite.
  9. Oracle E-Business Suite presents the requested protected resource to the user.

Why Choose Datawiza for EBS SSO and MFA?

  • Rapid and Easy Migration: We stand ready to add Ping SSO and MFA to Oracle EBS swiftly and efficiently – accomplishing the task within just hours, to ensure a hassle-free experience.
  • Modern and Cloud-Native Design: The solution goes beyond mere VM (Virtual Machine) support, integrating effortlessly with Containers and Kubernetes. It also eliminates the need for extra middleware or database servers, ensuring a streamlined, modern infrastructure.
  • Avoiding identity-vendor-lock-in: Future-proof your operations with our broad support for modern identities. Alongside Ping Identity, we accommodate popular platforms including Microsoft Entra ID, Cisco Duo, Okta, and others, providing a comprehensive solution against vendor lock-in.

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