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Datawiza Solution: Okta SSO and MFA Integration for Oracle PeopleSoft

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Our innovative approach is tailored to seamlessly unlock Okta SSO (single sign-on) and MFA (multi-factor authentication) features for Oracle PeopleSoft.

The Importance of Okta SSO and MFA for PeopleSoft

As businesses become more digitized, ensuring secure and efficient access to key operational applications becomes crucial. Oracle PeopleSoft, known for its premier business and human capital management software, plays a crucial role in many corporations. Unifying the solid performance of PeopleSoft with the advanced security features of Okta paves the way for transformative business benefits. Our solution closes this integration gap, enabling speedy and secure SSO and MFA.

The Benefits of SSO and MFA for PeopleSoft

  • Enhanced Security: With Okta MFA adaptation, the accessibility of your system is limited to authorized users, providing a protected environment for your confidential data and transactions.
  • Convenient Sign-On: Say goodbye to multiple logins. With Datawiza, users gain a unified identity across various platforms using Okta SSO.
  • Reducing Help-Desk Tickets: Implementation of Okta SSO cuts down on frequent PeopleSoft password and login issues. This reduces downtime and enhances productivity, as employees now spend less time grappling with access problems.

Why Choose Datawiza for PeopleSoft SSO and MFA?

  • Rapid Deployment: Gone are the days when your IT team needed months to implement SSO and MFA for PeopleSoft. With Datawiza, we guarantee a smooth transition, getting you up and running in mere minutes. Our proven track record with many satisfied clients attests to the value and efficiency we bring to the table.
  • Unwavering Support: We don’t just offer a solution; we back it up with consistent, dedicated support. This means reduced maintenance overhead for your team, allowing you to focus on core operations.
  • Versatile Integration: Beyond PeopleSoft, our robust solution seamlessly integrates with other key applications, including Oracle JDE, EBS, and even your bespoke, homegrown applications. Expand Okta SSO capabilities effortlessly with Datawiza.

Discover Datawiza’s PeopleSoft Solution

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For a more detailed guide, refer to our step-by-step tutorial:

Tutorial: Configure Datawiza to enable Okta SSO and MFA to Oracle PeopleSoft

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