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Datawiza Access Proxy: The Ultimate Cloud-Native Alternative to F5 APM for Enhanced Deployment, Management, and Security

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As businesses evolve in an ever-changing digital landscape, they require a reliable access management solution that is efficient, easy to deploy, simple to manage, and provides robust security. At Datawiza, we recognize that potential customers frequently inquire about the differences between our Datawiza Access Proxy (DAP) and F5’s Access Policy Manager (APM). In response to these questions, we have created this blog to highlight the distinctive features and advantages of DAP, which distinguish it from F5 APM. DAP’s cloud-native, container-based design delivers exceptional deployment flexibility, centralized management, comprehensive visibility, centralized logging, and enhanced security features, making it the superior choice for organizations of all sizes.

Effortless Deployment with DAP

One of the primary factors that set DAP apart from F5 APM is its seamless deployment. DAP’s container-based, cloud-native architecture enables rapid deployment across cloud and on-premises environments. This versatility simplifies the process, catering to organizations of various sizes and needs. DAP’s streamlined deployment process allows businesses to rapidly adapt to changing requirements and scale their operations as needed.

DAP Centralized Cloud Console: Streamlined Management

DAP offers a unified cloud console that consolidates the management and maintenance of the access proxy, irrespective of its deployment in the cloud or on-premises. This feature empowers IT teams to efficiently oversee their access proxy, conserving valuable time and resources. In contrast, F5 APM necessitates individual management for each environment, complicating the process. The centralized cloud console also simplifies policy management, allowing administrators to define and enforce access policies across all environments with ease.

Holistic Visibility and Centralized Logging with DAP

A significant advantage of DAP over F5 APM is its ability to provide comprehensive visibility and centralized logging for all environments. With DAP’s centralized cloud console, organizations can effortlessly monitor and manage their entire infrastructure from one location. This enables IT teams to promptly identify and resolve issues, ensuring peak performance and security. F5 APM, however, lacks a unified view and centralized logging due to its environment-specific management approach. This holistic visibility is essential for maintaining compliance and identifying potential security risks.

Enhanced Security Features

DAP not only simplifies deployment and management, but it also boasts advanced security features that protect your organization’s sensitive data and applications. DAP’s built-in support for single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) helps safeguard user access to critical resources. Furthermore, DAP seamlessly integrates with various Identity Providers (IdPs) like Azure AD and Okta, and supports standard security protocols such as SAML, OIDC, and OAuth2, providing a robust and flexible security framework. These features ensure that your organization’s infrastructure remains secure and compliant with industry standards.

Cost-Effective DAP Solution and Superior Support

DAP not only excels in its features and capabilities but also presents a more budget-friendly solution compared to F5 APM. Organizations can reap the benefits of lower total cost of ownership and enhanced support, resulting in an improved experience and increased return on investment. By opting for DAP, businesses can allocate resources more effectively, concentrating on innovation and growth.


Datawiza Access Proxy (DAP) offers organizations a highly efficient, adaptable, and cost-effective solution for optimizing access management. Its cloud-native, container-based design, centralized cloud console, comprehensive visibility, centralized logging, advanced security features, and superior cost and support make it the ideal choice for businesses seeking to maximize their investments and maintain a secure infrastructure. By choosing DAP, you’re investing in the future of your organization, ensuring seamless deployment, management, and robust security for years to come. We highly recommend that you consider DAP as the best alternative to F5 Access Policy Manager (APM) and experience its unparalleled benefits firsthand. Don’t let outdated or cumbersome solutions hold back your business; choose DAP to take your access management to the next level.