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Datawiza Access Proxy: A Comprehensive Alternative to Microsoft Entra App Proxy

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As a Microsoft partner, we always strive to explore innovative solutions that complement or enhance Microsoft’s existing offerings. In this blog, we will discuss Datawiza Access Proxy as an alternative to Microsoft Entra App Proxy (Azure AD App Proxy). Our goal is to provide an objective comparison of the two solutions, emphasizing the specific features of Datawiza Access Proxy that make it the preferred choice if your organization has these requirements.

The table below highlights the key differences between the two solutions, with more in-depth information available in the following sections.

Feature Datawiza Access Proxy Microsoft Entra App Proxy
Multiple Identity Provider Support Yes (e.g., Entra ID, Azure AD B2C, Okta, Ping, Duo and others) Entra ID Only
Internal Apps Yes Yes
Customer-facing Apps Yes No
Remote user support Yes Yes
Internal user support Yes Not ideal
URL path level access control Yes No
Enriching user attributes with external data Yes (e.g., LDAP, SQL databases, RESTful APIs) No
Cross-platform deployment Supports all platforms (Windows, Linux, containers, Kubernetes) Connectors require Windows servers

The following sections offer a more detailed analysis of the unique features that differentiate  Datawiza Access Proxy from Microsoft Entra App Proxy. We hope this comparison helps you make an informed decision while evaluating access management options for your organization.

Multiple Identity Provider Support: Datawiza’s Versatility

Microsoft Entra App Proxy is closely tied to Entra ID (Azure AD) as its identity provider. While this integration works seamlessly for organizations already using Entra ID, it can be limiting for those currently using and/or looking to use other identity providers.

Datawiza Access Proxy provides more flexibility by supporting various identity providers, such as Azure AD B2C, Okta, Google, Ping and Cisco Duo, in addition to Entra ID. This versatility allows organizations to choose the identity provider that best suits their needs and simplifies integration with existing identity management infrastructure.

Catering to Both Remote and Internal Users: Datawiza’s Advantage

Microsoft Entra App Proxy was primarily designed for remote users. While it is possible to use Microsoft Entra App Proxy for internal users, the process involves routing traffic from the internal environment to the Azure cloud and then back to the internal environment. This approach is not ideal, as it can introduce latency and potential compliance concerns

In contrast, Datawiza Access Proxy has been designed with both remote and internal users in mind. This flexibility allows organizations to streamline their access management, without the need for additional configurations or routing traffic externally.

Granular URL Path-Level Access Control: Datawiza’s Precision

A critical feature that sets Datawiza Access Proxy apart from Microsoft Entra App Proxy is its ability to enable granular URL path-level access control. This functionality is essential for organizations that require precise and configurable access to specific parts of their applications.

Microsoft Entra App Proxy offers application-level access control, which is suitable for basic access management scenarios. However, it may not meet the needs of organizations that require a more fine-grained approach to manage access to their resources.

Datawiza Access Proxy addresses this limitation by allowing administrators to define and enforce granular access control policies based on URL paths. This capability enables organizations to provide selective access to specific resources within an application, ensuring that only authorized users have access to sensitive information or functionality.

For instance, an organization might want to grant certain users in a group access to a specific reporting dashboard within an application, while restricting access to other parts of the application. Datawiza Access Proxy makes it easy to implement such policies, providing a higher degree of security and control for businesses with complex access requirements.

Enriching User Attributes with External Data Sources: Datawiza’s Extensibility

Another noteworthy feature of Datawiza Access Proxy is its ability to enrich user attributes by querying external data sources. This functionality adds significant value to organizations that require a more comprehensive understanding of their users’ attributes for implementing context-aware access control policies or enhancing user experience.

While some identity providers offer basic user attribute information, they may not cover all the attributes needed by an organization to make informed access control decisions. In such cases, Datawiza Access Proxy’s extensibility proves invaluable, as it can fetch additional user attribute data from external sources such as LDAP, SQL databases, or RESTful APIs.

For example, an organization might want to grant access to specific resources based on a user’s department, location, or job title. By enriching user attributes through external data sources, Datawiza Access Proxy can provide a more detailed and accurate understanding of users’ profiles, enabling organizations to create more precise and context-aware access control policies.

This capability not only strengthens security but also offers the potential to improve user experience by personalizing content and functionality based on enriched user attributes.

Diverse Deployment Options: Datawiza’s Cross-Platform Compatibility

Microsoft Entra App Proxy requires a Windows server to deploy a connector, which can be limiting for organizations that rely on other platforms or prefer containerized deployments.

Datawiza Access Proxy breaks free from platform limitations, offering support for Windows, Linux, containers, and Kubernetes. This flexibility allows organizations to choose the deployment option that best aligns with their existing infrastructure and preferences, reducing the need for additional resources or platform-specific expertise.


As a Microsoft partner, we are proud to offer solutions that complement and enhance Microsoft’s products.  Our goal is the make sure our customers choose the solution that best matches their organization’s requirements.

Datawiza Access Proxy provides a flexible alternative to Microsoft Entra App Proxy by providing integration with multiple identity providers, support for remote and local users, granular URL path-level access control, the ability to enrich user attributes with external data sources, and diverse deployment options.

We hope this blog has provided valuable insights into the capabilities of Datawiza Access Proxy and specifically, where we believe Datawiza Access Proxy would be the more effective enterprise solution. It is essential to note that our intention is to present a fair comparison for organizations exploring their access management options.

We look forward to your thoughts and input.