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Bridge the Gap: Securing On-Premise Applications with Azure AD B2C via Datawiza Access Proxy

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In an era of digital transformation, businesses often grapple with integrating their on-premise applications with modern secure identity management solutions like Azure AD B2C. But what if there was a way to create a seamless, secure blend between Azure AD B2C and on-premise applications? Meet Datawiza Access Proxy – designed to make this blend a reality.

The Need for Evolution: On-premise to Azure AD B2C

On-premise applications play a crucial role in many enterprise operations. However, evolving them to integrate with cloud identity providers like Azure AD B2C poses challenges, particularly because of their legacy system roots. The greener pastures of Azure AD B2C, with its robust security and comprehensive customer identity management, have often seemed out of reach for on-premise applications.

Serenity with Security: Azure AD B2C and Access Management Solution

The introduction of Datawiza Access Proxy brings a refreshing turn of events. As a facilitator, it eases the bridge, integrating on-premise applications with the powerful customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution – Azure AD B2C. This modern identity-aware proxy makes it a breeze to connect legacy systems with Azure AD B2C, ensuring unified access management across all applications.

From utilizing advanced multi-factor authentication to conforming to modern security standards, Datawiza Access Proxy taps into Azure AD B2C’s potential, thereby providing customers with a user-friendly identity management platform.

A Future-ready Approach with Datawiza Access Proxy

By leveraging Datawiza Access Proxy, your business can unlock Azure AD B2C’s comprehensive potential, even with on-premise applications. It offers a unified access management solution that paves the way for secure cloud transition, a seamless user experience, and easy administration—fully utilizing Azure AD B2C.

Datawiza prides itself on making identity and access management efficient, secure, and accessible for all applications—whether they reside on the cloud or on-premise.

Available Now on Azure Marketplace

We’re proud to announce that the Datawiza Access Proxy is now available on Azure Marketplace. Azure Marketplace provides trusted and reliable platforms for businesses to try, purchase, and use software solutions. Our presence on Azure Marketplace demonstrates our commitment to provide accessible and reliable solutions to businesses worldwide.

Datawiza Access Proxy in Action

Below is a demo video to further illustrate DAP’s functionality and how it effectively integrates on-premise applications with Azure AD B2C. The video highlights the simplicity and efficiency of this innovative access and identity management solution.


Join us in our venture to simplify identity and access management, making the digital transformation journey less complicated and more secure. Stay connected with us for more news and exciting updates!