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Amazon Cognito MFA (2FA) for On-Premises Apps

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amazon cognito mfa

In today’s data-intensive world, ensuring the security of on-premises applications is a daunting task for many companies. Amazon Cognito (AWS Cognito), an identity service that facilitates secure authentication, and Datawiza Access Proxy (DAP), can genuinely transform the security framework of on-premises apps. This blog post will highlight how to integrate Amazon Cognito MFA (Amazon Cognito 2FA) with your existing on-premises applications (or legacy apps in the cloud) using DAP.

Amazon Cognito and Datawiza Access Proxy – A Powerful Collaboration

Amazon Cognito is lauded for its robust user directory management and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) features, which significantly enhance application security. Simultaneously, DAP is a cloud-native and lightweight reverse proxy integrating modern identity for applications regardless of their environment – whether on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid.

Given their capabilities, integrating on-prem apps with Amazon Cognito via DAP can lead to significant benefits in managing and securing on-premises applications.

The Benefits of Using Datawiza Access Proxy for Cognito MFA

When you entwine your on-premises applications with Datawiza Access Proxy, you gain a gamut of benefits that extend beyond merely amplifying multi-factor authentication:

  1. Accelerated Login and MFA Implementation: Seamlessly interlink your on-premises apps with Amazon Cognito SSO login and MFA without modifying your applications, all in record time courtesy of DAP.
  2. Bolstered Security Armature: Amplify your application’s protection mechanisms by harnessing Amazon Cognito’s advanced protection features like MFA, Conditional Access, amongst others.
  3. Simplified Integration: Bid goodbye to the complexity of working with SDKs and APIs. Datawiza Access Proxy makes it easy as pie to integrate Amazon Cognito with your on-premises applications.

How Datawiza Enables AWS Cognito MFA (2FA) for On-Premises Apps

Navigating smoothly between legacy and modern SSO protocols, the Datawiza Access Proxy (DAP) enhances your on-premises apps’ security. Here’s a distilled view of the process:

  1. Access Request: Users attempt to access your on-premieses app via the Datawiza Access Proxy (DAP).
  2. Amazon Cognito Authentication: DAP redirects them to Amazon Cognito for login, facilitating the MFA (2FA) process.
  3. Final Redirection: After successful verification with Amazon Cognito , DAP performs extra conditional access checks. Once all checks are passed, DAP proxies the traffic to the internal apps for user access.

Simply put, Datawiza Access Proxy enables your on-prem apps to fluently speak modern security protocols, providing robust protection for your enterprise. See the diagram below for your references.

Amazon Cognito MFA and Datawiza in Action

See the magic as it unfolds with a demo video, showcasing the real-time operation of the Datawiza Access Proxy as it fosters seamless collaboration between your on-premises applications and Amazon Cognito MFA (2FA).

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