The Password Is Becoming Passé, Let’s Celebrate World Secure Sign-On Day

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For eight years, World Password Day has served the important purpose of reminding users to change and secure their passwords to protect identities, data and systems. Today, however, passwords are only one piece of a much bigger login security puzzle that includes Single Sign-On (SSO), social logins, and passwordless strategies. As a result, focusing only […]

Should You Build or Buy B2B SaaS SSO?

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Don’t struggle to build this critical capability only to find you don’t support your potential customers’ identity platform of choice. Datawiza offers a No-Code approach to supporting every identity solution. If you’re selling your SaaS application to businesses, you’ve got to see security through the eyes of your customers. Sure, you’re doing everything you can to build […]

No-Code Solution to Democratize Single Sign-On for B2B SaaS Vendors

If you’re a SaaS vendor, you want to make it easy for your enterprise customers to log into the system and access services. However, the rise of Single Sign-On (SSO) has introduced a new challenge to this. Over the last few years, SSO has become a mainstay of enterprise IT’s approach to user access to applications. SSO […]

Migrate Legacy Applications to Modern Identity Platforms in Minutes with Datawiza

Identity access management (IAM) is more important than ever, and you’ve made the smart decision to work toward a Zero Trust environment by implementing a cloud-based identity management platform – maybe Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, Amazon Cognito, or Google Workspace. And you’re implementing SSO, MFA and passwordless strategies. IDaaS solutions are perfect for your modern […]

Include Open Source Tools in Your Secure SSO Environment

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How DevOps Can Bring SSO to Open Source Tools – It’s Easy with Datawiza If your organization is concerned about application and data security or already on a Zero Trust journey, you’re likely implementing a modern Identity as a Service (IDaaS) solution – such as Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, Auth0, Google, or Amazon Cognito – […]