Tutorial: Configure Datawiza for Azure AD SSO to Oracle JDE

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This tutorial shows how to enable Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) SSO for an Oracle JD Edwards (JDE) application via Datawiza. Datawiza works as a super lightweight reverse proxy integrating any identity provider, like Azure AD, Okta, Ping, Google, AWS SSO, to enable SSO, MFA and granular access control for any applications. The benefits of […]

How to Add Okta Authentication to a Java Application

Add Okta authentication to a Java application using Datawiza in 5 mins

Do you want to learn how to add Okta authentication to your Java application without writing code? In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to integrate a Java application with Okta using Datawiza to implement OIDC/OAuth SSO authentication in 5 mins.  The benefits of using Datawiza No need to learn complex OIDC/OAuth or SAML […]

Understanding Spring4Shell RCE from an engineer’s perspective

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What happened? On March 29, 2022, A very old RCE (remote code execution) loophole tracked as CVE-2010-1622 was exposed in a series of Tweets. It affects most java projects using JDK 9+. This loophole enables attackers to exploit the server by executing a command on a server carried in a HTTP request. Who should worry […]